Your logistic partner for foodstuff

To import foodstuff can be a very complicated matter. There are many rules to take into consideration. Rules which changes very often.

It´s important to do things right from the very beginning.
Infranordic has been working with foodstuff logistics for more than 40 years. We follow the regulations strictly and control that all elements in the transport chain are  handled in a correct way.

We are used to handle all kinds of cargo/foodstuff and we can handle everything from chilled meat to frozen fish and all kind of preserves and sauces.
Whatever you choose we meet you and your demands with a personal engagement from our team.

”An effective flow working well in all details”

”Infranordic handle our customs declarations when required. They care for veterinary inspections and necessary details for our import cargo,  we plan and book the deliveries from  the Port of Gothenburg to our warehouse i Skara”. These are the words from Stina Hagman, purchasing clerk at Feldts Fisk & Skaldjur  in Kungshamn.


feldtsFeldt is one of the leading fish suppliers on the Swedish seafood market. Their assortment contains of about 600 various products. In addition to the domestic assortment they also import large quantities fish and seafood from many parts of the world. Such as New Zealand, Canada, China and South Africa.

”From Infranordic we receive an effective flow which works in all details. They are very reliable and easy to reach. We always receive quick replies to our questions.”


Our personal team for foodstuff

With solid experience from both storage and transports of foodstuffs we contribute with expert knowledge. At your disposal you always have the same team working with your mission. A team with good knowledge of your needs and requests. You always know who you are talking to. A specialist well acquainted with food stuff.

Your logistic partner for foodstuff
Please call: + 46 31 – 333 20 80 and we will give you more detailed information


Since we started our business more than 40 years ago, we have worked with vehicle cargo and have transported thousands of vehicles and vehicle parts, as well as large quantities of home removals and trade fair materials.

Transporting vehicles and other goods to and from countries outside the EU is a noted and highly regarded speciality of ours.


We transport all types of vehicles: cars, motorcycles, boats and car parts
Phone +46 (0)31 – 333 20 91, and we’ll tell you more.

Logistics solutions for winter test activities of vehicles in Sweden

There are many issues that needs to be addressed in order to ensure efficient operation during winter testing of vehicles. Correct customs clearance, temporary imports, delivery on time for vehicles to the proving ground and security thinking is crucial for efficient and cost-effective testing in the winter environment.

Infranordic has for the past six years worked closely with companies that spend time in the Swedish winter test region testing vehicles. We know what it takes to make things run smoothly for these operations. You can rest assured that we will attend to all the details.
All you have to think about is optimizing the testing during your stay in the Swedish winter test region.


Services on arrival in Sweden

  • Supervising ETA dates.
  • Coordinating with the staff at the test ground in winter environment and with client abroad.
  • Dealing with container/air freight arrival at a Swedish port or airport.
  • Transporting containers to our bonded terminal and unloading vehicles. Our terminal has strict security regulations including a strict policy against photography.
  • Administration of necessary customs documents. This includes every aspect of customs clearance for temporary import of vehicles, testing equipment, clothes, kitchen utilities, food and customs clearance of tires and miscellaneous parts.
  • Transportation to the test ground in the Swedish winter test region.
  • On-site engineering support.

Services when the testing period is over

  • Car pick-up in the Swedish winter test region.
  • Car transport to an airport or our terminal for container loading.
  • The vehicles are loaded according to your instructions regarding chassi number and other relevant details.
  • Container booking on receipt of agreement or under own agreement.
  • Loading vehicles at a terminal with high security standards.
  • Closing temporary import documents and issuing correct export documents.
  • Transparent daily status updates regarding vehicles, container vessels and aircraft.


Your logistic partner for vehicles
Call us at +46 31 – 333 20 80 and let us explain more!

Outsourcing leads to greater competitiveness and lower costs

Infranordic are logistic specialists. Our core business is to handle, control and develop advanced logistic networks and transport. By outsourcing the whole or part of your logistic functions to us, you can focus on your core business.

We ensure that your logistics always maintains high quality and meets the challenges of today and tomorrow. When you work in cooperation with us, flexibility increases and fixed costs become variable, resulting in lower total cost. You pay only for the services you need.

With our broad expertise in logistics and transport acquired over many years, you gain access to an enhancement of skills that improves efficiency. At the same time, you save time when your staff avoid having to keep up-to-date in the area.

Contact with control and overview
In a cooperation with us, you have a contact who sees the whole picture. We coordinate your logistics and transport independently with the subcontractors who are best matched to the situation. Regardless of whether it is under your own supplier contracts or with our contracts, everything happens in a completely transparent way.


Your logistics partner for outsourcing
Phone +46(0)31 – 333 20 80, and we’ll tell you more.

Cost-effective and high-quality transport

Logistics and transport to trade fairs
We coordinate the logistics of trade-fair materials for Volvo together with our German partner. Shown here is the transportation of a mighty elk, en route to an auto show in the United States.



Whatever you want to send as freight, we are ready to do what is needed 
How do you get a 14.7 metre package on board an aircraft?

No job is too difficult, big or odd for us at Infranordic. We have all the specialist skills required for cost-effective and high-quality transport.

Phone +46(0)31 – 333 20 80, and we’ll tell you more.


Specialist services for transport of ready-to-wear clothing

With our way of working, we achieve increased efficiency and profitability for all customers at all times.
In cooperation with us and our specialists, you gain access to:

  • One of the largest specialist networks in Europe for hanging clothes
  • Transfer of goods before stores
  • Return systems
  • Unpacking of pre-picked goods ready for in-store sale
  • Transport between stores
  • IT system adapted to the ready-made clothing industry

Your logistic partner for ready-made clothing

Phone +46(0)31 – 333 20 80, and we’ll tell you more.