Sea Freight

We have worked with partners in all parts of the world for many years. The partners we cooperate with always maintain close contact with our customers’ suppliers. This enables us to transport goods in the best way possible, regardless of destination.

Infranordic offers carriage of whole containers, but also offers mixed loading of bulk cargo for both import and export.

  • FCL, full container load
  • LCL, less than container load
  • Global customer projects
  • Door to door
  • Customs handling
  • Hazardous goods
  • Project/special transport
  • Cross trade
  • Bulk
  • Multimodal transport Sea/Air
  • Buyers consolidation
  • Temperature-sensitive refrigerated or frozen goods

Air Freight

Infranordic has great experience in air freight for import and export to all destinations throughout the world. Whatever the dimensions of your goods, we will find the right solution for your freight through our large network.

  • Door to door
  • Express goods
  • Oversized goods
  • Hazardous goods
  • Cross trade
  • Project
  • Ship’s spares
  • Consolidations
  • Multimodal transport, Sea/Air
  • Temperature-sensitive goods, for example refrigerated or frozen

Rail Service from China

Rail Service is an attractive alternative to ocean freight if a faster delivery is required, or instead of air freight in case cheaper solution is needed. Furthermore, the rail service is far more environmental friendly compared to any air shipment.  Infranordic offer door to door transport for both export and import.

We offer a weekly rail service from China with fixed rates with two departures per week from Chengdu to Warzaw. We are also, fortnightly, offering service on Hefei/Helsinki, being the only neutral consolidator on this service. The fastest service to the Nordic countries.

We already show track record from ex door north China to terminal Helsinki of 19 days. Rest of the Nordic countries and cities are only days away. We can also offer FCA/Ex Works solutions in case needed.

The most common rail hubs in Europe are Warzaw and Hamburg, from where we combine a land transport to a Nordic warehouse or door delivery.

Customs Handling with control and review

Being our client you can rest assured that customs questions are an integrated part of the freight and logistic services we offer. You can always, when having questions, reach your own specialist in our team. The base in the customs team´s line of work is customs declarations in trade with countries outside EU.

We are used to and handle daily, all question formulations appearing in connection with customs questions related to import and export. We handle import- and export declarations, T1 form, transits, customs warehouse, veterinary goods, Intrastat, AEO, quotas, licenses and outward- or inward processing.



Our personal team for Customs Handling

With a solid experience of customs questions we contribute with specialist knowledge. At your disposal you always have the same team working with your order. A close-knit highly professional group knowing your demands and desires.

Your logistic partner for customs questions.

Call us at +46 31 – 333 20 80 and let us explain more!


Goods insurance

As an importer or exporter, you obviously have to make sure that your goods are properly insured. Who is responsible for insuring transport and goods is governed by the terms of delivery in Incoterms 2010.

If insurance is included in your terms of delivery, it is important to check what type of insurance it is and how comprehensive it is. The reason for this is that many suppliers choose to have limited insurance.

If the importer/exporter itself is responsible for carriage, you can choose insurance contracts. This provides a greater opportunity for faster handling and, where applicable, compensation by the insurance company. You are in contact with the insurance company yourself, and we as an agent can assist with information.

Infranordic’s liability as carrier is governed by NSAB 2000, and the compensation under these rules is very limited. We cooperate with IF on insurance matters.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We will be pleased to help you.


Warehousing/3PL and Terminal services

Infranordic is able to offer terminal services in Gothenburg for reloading, palletising, stuffing, stripping and warehousing. We cooperate with many partners around the country where we can make flexible use of the same solutions.

We have many customers in the food industry. This means that we are able to offer good solutions adapted to refrigerated and frozen goods in large parts of Sweden.


EDI integration

EDI integration may be relevant to make the flow of information between you as a customer and Infranordic more efficient and to improve quality. We can receive and send various types of file format, depending on what suits you as our customer.

  • We offer EDI for example of:
  • Purchase orders
  • Booking
  • Consignment status
  • Manifests
  • Invoices


Tailored reporting

To complement our standard reporting of consignment statistics, we can also produce reports tailored to particular wishes regarding content and layout. These may be reports to follow up key indicators such lead-time reliability and emissions or adapted consignment and financial statistics.

Business Solutions for increased efficiency and profitability

Your Business Solutions project manager is working together with you as a customer to develop a customized solution that improves your supply chain and enhance the efficiency and profitability of your company.

We have solid experience  within Supply Chain Management, customer improvement projects, IT-integrations, and implementations. We work according to a standardized project methodology and add the necessary resources to do a thorough analysis of the current situation as well as to do the solution design and implementation of solution. This way we can secure that we reach the optimal result.

Depending on your need we can do a full review and an end-to-end-solution of your transportations, or only look at a selected area or challenge. Our solution is always based on your individual needs and requirements.

We can support you with the following improvement areas:

  • Optimization of flows
  • Increased control and visibility
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced administration
  • Increased performance
  • Smooth implementation of new flows/solutions

Our strength is customer focus and flexibility, and our independency on the market enables us to base the solution on the optimal suppliers for your need.

Your logistic partner for business solutions
Call us at +46 31 – 333 20 80 and let us explain more!