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This is Infranordic

We provide complete logistical arrangements or defined specialist services in shipping, freight forwarding, and warehousing. We are a logistics company with a worldwide network of qualified partners at all levels of logistics. Our customers include companies large and small, in all industries.

We are specialists working with foodstuff every day.

Our foodstuff team is used to all kinds of cargo and we handle matters from frozen meat and frozen fish to composed products such as preserves, sauces and different dressings.


We follow the regulations and always make sure that all moments in the transport flow are handled in a correct way.
For more than 40 years Infranordic has been working with foodstuff logistics. Our specialist team is always updated when it comes to the complicated regulations of foodstuff. For you this means that we have, all the time, full control and act directly with licenses, customs clearence, veterinary controls and everything else in this line.

Service and cost efficiency

Infranordic offers total logistic solutions or defined parts such as transport, forwarding or warehousing. Our teams handle transports of all types of cargo and destinations.


Our services of import and export are adapted to todays globalized and digitalized world.
We are a highly modern logistic company with a wide range of different services such as complicated customs clearence documents, warehousing, storage, transport and export documentation.

Customs Handling with control and review

Being our client you can rest assured that customs questions are in integrated part of the freight and logistic services that we offer. You can Always, when having questions, reach your own specialist in our team. The base in the customs team´s line of work  is customs declarations in trade with countries outside EU.

We are used to and handle daily, all question formulations appearing in connection with customs guestions related to import and export. We handle import- and export declarations, T1 form, transits, customs warehouse, veterinary goods, Intrastat, AEO, quotas, licenses and passive-or inward processing.