A personal and dedicated family company that goes a little further than the big players

Infranordic does more than other suppliers, that's been my experience," says Joakim Wahlberg, CEO of Parkys Solar.

"It's never difficult to get assistance if you have specialized questions, for example regarding customs clearance or areas that aren't typically part of the service offering. The feeling is that Infranordic always wants to help. They understand my and our company's reality, which is important to us.

Parkys Solar is a specialized wholesaler of solar power installations and batteries. We work through the entire process—from design to installation and operation. Parkys Solar assists retailers in designing installations, training installers and electricians, and actively works on support and troubleshooting, even after installation is complete.

Our comprehensive responsibility is a clear competitive advantage, making us unique. And to deliver comprehensively, it's necessary for us to always have full control over our container shipments from China. Infranordic is responsible for this. I feel very secure with this solution," says Joakim.

"Infranordic has direct contact with our producers. Our suppliers contact Infranordic, and we never need to be intermediaries. This saves time for us and allows us to focus on other things.

Additionally, we greatly benefit from Infranordic's customer portal, I.N.Sight. It's easy to use, and we always have full visibility into what's happening with our shipments. This provides us with good opportunities to plan cash flow and liquidity.

Infranordic Shipping & Forwarding AB

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