We have daily contact and always receive quick, personal assistance

That the same individuals at Infranordic are always our contacts makes our work so much easier. They know what we do, and we hardly ever need to explain," says Andreas at Swereco.

"The personal and direct approach makes the collaboration effortless. I compare it with many larger companies, and there's a significant difference. With Infranordic, it works better than with many others I've experienced."

Andreas Ragnarsson is the strategic procurement manager at Swereco, a company that is a leader in manufacturing ergonomic aids such as crutches and orthopedic products. Swereco has manufacturing facilities in both Sweden and China. Additionally, products are imported from both China and Pakistan.

A few years ago, Swereco acquired a company in Falkenberg. That's how we inherited the relationship with Infranordic. Since then, we've acquired several more companies and simultaneously chosen to move all logistics and transportation to Infranordic.

My overall assessment is that by engaging Infranordic for logistics and transportation, we avoid spending time on certain things and can focus properly internally. And even our finance department finds it works well. Everything is quickly resolved.

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