Air Freight to Any Destination, Any Size

Infranordic has extensive experience in air transportation for imports and exports to destinations worldwide. Regardless of the dimensions of your cargo, we can find the right solution for your freight through our extensive network.

With us, you get an efficient, secure, and convenient handle on all aspects of your air transport. We assist you in the most effective way with all types of goods, both for export and import from EU countries and third countries.

In terms of dangerous goods, we have solid knowledge and training, including IATA-DGR training category 7.3, and all staff in the department have ADR training. We also handle DGR - Radioactive + lithium batteries stages 1 and 2.

Our way of working means a faster and smoother flow throughout the process with Customs and other relevant authorities. Furthermore, we have extensive experience with complex goods requiring extra care and special expertise.

We can also offer a range of ancillary services, including local transport, transport within the EU, VAT reporting, sorting of piece goods, and neutralization of cargo marking.

For oversized goods or various types of project loads, you can find more information under project cargo.

Air transport is, of course, the best option for urgent goods. Email or call our air department, and we will assist you with your express goods.

We also have experience in logistics within Ship Spares, providing deliveries to the shipping and offshore industries. Sea/Air, also known as multimodal transport, can consist of sea, air, rail, and road transport. The goods are then transported using at least two different modes of transportation, where we, as your supplier, can take responsibility for the entirety of this setup. This option is most interesting if one desires a solution that is faster than sea freight and more cost-effective than air freight. Our goal here is to find the most sustainable and cost-effective transport solution possible.

For temperature-sensitive goods, we handle them with care. This can include food in all its forms, which must maintain a specific temperature throughout transport. We also handle medicines with the GDP standard code (Good Distribution Practice), ensuring that the quality of the medicine is maintained throughout the distribution network to prevent alterations to the properties of the medicine.

Dangerous goods by air

There are substances and products that can pose risks to health, safety, property, or the environment when transported or used. These are included in the concept of dangerous goods. A substance or product that is harmless in itself can pose a danger during transport depending on how the product is transported and whether it is transported together with other products.

External conditions have a significant impact on the goods. When transporting dangerous goods by air, consideration is given to the fact that the goods are subjected to significant stresses with fluctuations in both temperature and air pressure.

Infranordic has extensive knowledge of dangerous goods. We currently have three fully certified individuals within our aviation department who are certified in IATA-DGR. We are certified for all types of dangerous goods, including radioactive materials and lithium batteries stages 1 and 2.

We have close cooperation with our customers and ensure that we have the correct documentation for each specific shipment.

Welcome with your bookings of dangerous goods!


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