Outsourcing enhances competitiveness and reduces costs

Infranordic is a logistics specialist. Our core business is to manage, control, and develop advanced logistics networks and transportation. By outsourcing all or parts of your logistics functions to us, you can focus on your core business.

We ensure that your logistics always maintain high quality and are tailored to today's and tomorrow's challenges. In collaboration with us, flexibility increases, and fixed costs become variable, resulting in lower total costs. You only pay for the services you need.

With our broad and extensive expertise in logistics and transportation, you gain access to competence enhancement that improves efficiency. At the same time, you save time as your staff no longer need to stay updated in the field.

A contact with control and overview

In collaboration with us, you have a contact who oversees the entirety. We coordinate your logistics and transportation independently with the subcontractors that are best for the situation. Whether it's under your own supplier agreements or with our agreements, everything is done with total transparency.

Infranordic Shipping & Forwarding AB

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Box 12073
SE-402 41 Gothenburg, Sweden 

Besök/Visit: Klippan 1A, 414 51  Göteborg
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