Personal service well beyond the usual

If you want to provide the most efficient shipping, the highest delivery precision, the most careful freight handling and the fastest information reporting, you have to view every customer as unique. We do that.

We are a fairly small logistics company with a worldwide network of qualified partners at all levels of logistics. Our customers include companies large and small, in all industries.

Thanks to our independent position, we can freely choose the solutions that best match the interests of the individual customer.

We provide complete logistical arrangements or defined specialist services in shipping, freight forwarding, and warehousing.

Whatever the challenges you face in your day-to-day operations, we offer you a customised relationship and a level of personal service you thought no longer existed.

Welcome to our World!

“Our approach to the job means continuously increasing efficiency and profitability for our customers”.

Infranordic started in the eventful year of 1968. We are now highly modernized freight forwarding and logistics company equiped with global knowledge and connection worldwide. Over the years,  everything has changed except for the sole purpose of the founder Yngve Carlsson, which is to provide value to our dear customers.

Now, as before, we give our customers access to logistics service of the highest order, coupled with the best cost-effectiveness imaginable. Now, as before, drawing on our specialist know-how and an international cooperation network, we create customer-specific solutions for all destinations and all types of goods. Now, as before, we are a family-owned company – significantly larger, but with the same personal relationships with our customers and the same personal commitment.

Our utmost concern is providing continuous efficiency and increased profitability to our valued customers.

Give us a call and we’ll tell you all about what we can do for you.

Henrik Carlsson
Managing Director


Our Policy

InfraNordic’s mission is to provide our clients efficient transport solutions with regard to environment protection, quality, work environment and security.
Protection of the environment and natural resources is an important concern for us while providing effective transport solutions to our customers. We strive to establish a better work environment, increase the quality and reduce the negative impacts to the environment the best way possible.

We focus our work in the following four areas:

Transport services – Haulage contractors, shipping lines, airlines, freight forwarders.

Warehousing – Terminal services.

Logistics – Computer systems development for more efficient transport solutions.


We work with constant improvement and apply measures to avoid any negative effects from these areas.
We follow all rules, regulations and other requirements required to be fulfilled by InfraNordic.
We establish open communication with our clients and other parties concerned for newly developed strategies and other improvement issues and allow them to give feedbacks and suggestions for a better work partnership.
We educate our employees and promote continuous upgrading of knowledge and skills for advancement within the company.

Göteborg April 2014
Henrik Carlsson, MD

ISO- certification 2021

Infranordic has been ISO-certified in environment and quality for many years (14001: 2015 & 9001: 2015). ISO audit has also been completed in 2021 with good results!


”We are proud to have completed the audit in 2021 without any deviations.

This indicates that we have a well-functioning management system that is carefully integrated into the business, something that our customers will certainly notice in the cooperation with us.”

Rebecca Brobäck, Vice President/COO